Monday, February 25, 2013

A Song I Love

I have always had such special feelings for this song. I don't know what it is, exactly.

It's just so full of longing and anticipation -- completely, unapologetically Epic -- with really spooky-pretty chords that fall forward and fold back into themselves. Know what I mean?

It makes me feel like I should be flinging myself off the edge of a cliff. I mean it. Maybe it's because he mentions Mt. Kilimanjaro, but I hate to think that I'm so easily manipulated and open to suggestion. In truth, the motivation is probably a little more vague. There's something both heroic and desolate about this song, and when I hear it I feel impelled to execute some kind of grand, mystical gesture. Don't worry, though; I wouldn't actually do it.

Also, for the longest time, at 0:33, I thought he was singing, "She's coming in from bloody fights," and I really identified with that. Not that I used to get into physical fights or anything, but I have always felt like I was doing battle... everywhere, all the time. Eventually, I learned what the lyrics actually are, but I always hear it my way, even now.

And I love the background vocals. They're low in the mix, but they shimmer through just right. Listen to the part from 3:04-3:08 -- perfection ending in just the slightest amount of discord. Yes, I am jealous.

Africa -Toto - (Toto IV, 1982)