Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Of Nowhere -- Captive Ghost Specimens

In hopes of raising some funds for a few small studio upgrades, I've just opened an Etsy shop where I'm selling ghost specimens that I have captured.

Don't worry! They are completely content in their bottles. I have done extensive research on the subject, and they very much prefer this environment to the chaos outside the glass. Inside the safety of their bottles, they can cuddle up and dream of otherworldly landscapes and communicate telepathically with loved ones.

Because a great deal of psychic dissonance is created when having too many ghosts in the house, I have had to limit the number that I can care for. I tried keeping them all for a while, but it just isn't possible.

My shop is called "Of Nowhere," and you can go there now.

Here are a few ghosts from the first expedition.