Friday, May 3, 2013

The Most Wonderful Gift

For my birthday, I received this amazing drawing from a person so special that words cannot begin to capture my feelings. We share many things: an appreciation for sea creatures, music and snuggling. And right now we are both particularly interested in nebulae, galaxies, stars and the solar system. You know, a little thing called The Universe.

I first saw the picture in an e-mail, and was not so subtle when expressing my admiration for it, blurting out something totally inelegant like, "Oh my god, I want that so much!" But I didn't mean for it to actually end up in my possession. And yet it did, because the generous parents of this unique and sensitive being collaborated with him to make my wish come true.

I will treasure it forever.

In a rocket, looking at a comet (comet not pictured).

And for those who might share our fascination with the cosmos, I would highly recommend the Discovery Channel series How the Universe Works. It's available on Netflix. For the past few years, since moving to a new spot on Earth, I have been listening to it every night as I fall asleep. It's the perfect lullaby.

And here is another lullaby:
Under the Milky Way - The Church (Starfish, 1988)