Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hall Closet, Staircase and Landing

Back when I had my studio room done, I also had my hall closet made taller!

Also, a few weeks ago, I had my staircase railings replaced. Of course I wanted it to look like driftwood, so I gave the guys the same steel wool & vinegar recipe that I used on my rescued table. The handrail that goes down the length of the staircase is galvanized steel pipe that is set into the masonry wall. It is so sturdy. I could do pull-ups on it if I was shorter.

I painted the walls, ceiling, trim, floor and steps.

Here are before and after photos of everything...

Hall closet, BEFORE:

Hall closet, AFTER:

Staircase & handrail, BEFORE:

Staircase & handrail, AFTER:

Landing and railing, BEFORE:

Landing and railing, AFTER:

Another view, BEFORE:

Another view, AFTER:

This was my last big renovation project. Now that it's finally done, I can concentrate on getting everything organized and arranged in my studio.