Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Horrorscope - October 10-16, 2013

My friend reads me my horrorscopes whenever he feels they contain something helpful or interesting. I really like this one, and it fits as a life philosophy regardless of the date.

"Jugaad is a Hindi-Urdu word that can be translated as 'frugal innovation.' People in India and Pakistan use it a lot. It's the art of coming up with a creative workaround to a problem despite having to deal with logistical and financial barriers. Masters of jugaad call on ingenuity and improvisation to make up for sparse resources. I see this as your specialty right now, Taurus. Although you may not have abundant access to VIPs and filthy riches, you've nevertheless got the resourcefulness necessary to come up with novel solutions. What you produce may even turn out better than if you'd had more assets to draw on."

Free Will Astrology