Monday, January 13, 2014

Ghosts Arriving from Somewhere

Okay, the last few weeks have been a bit rough. I guess word has gotten out that I offer refuge to wandering ghosts, because ever since the end of November I have been inundated with visitations. They've been gaining access through the cracks in my walls and from under my front door, rattling my windows and steaming up my mirrors. I wake up from fitful dreams to find them tugging on my bedsheets, twirling and shimmering and demanding that I provide them with glass bottles. One of them even perched at the foot of my bed and shouted the phrase "I'm ready for cozytime!" repeatedly for four whole hours, interrupting itself only to hurl a few choice insults my way. It has not been easy. I have the feeling that all of this is an anomaly, possibly brought on by the cold weather. Normally, ghosts do not know what's best for them, so they don't usually house-hunt of their own accord. The sheer scope of this unexpected influx has made it impossible for me to find the time to create complex beaded necklaces. But in the interest of aiding in the crisis, I have given these ghosts simple chains or shorter beaded ornament strands for their bottles instead. I can't keep them all -- "cacophony" doesn't even begin to describe it -- so they are available from my Etsy store, Of Nowhere.