Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Of Nowhere -- Captive Ghost Specimens

In hopes of raising some funds for a few small studio upgrades, I've just opened an Etsy shop where I'm selling ghost specimens that I have captured.

Don't worry! They are completely content in their bottles. I have done extensive research on the subject, and they very much prefer this environment to the chaos outside the glass. Inside the safety of their bottles, they can cuddle up and dream of otherworldly landscapes and communicate telepathically with loved ones.

Because a great deal of psychic dissonance is created when having too many ghosts in the house, I have had to limit the number that I can care for. I tried keeping them all for a while, but it just isn't possible.

My shop is called "Of Nowhere," and you can go there now.

Here are a few ghosts from the first expedition.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cosmic Strangeness

Well this is just plain weird... This week my horrorscope contains a reference to something that I incorporated into a song nearly 20 years ago. The song (which is unreleased) is called "Alexandra's Revenge" and the lyrics mention a girl who thought she had swallowed a glass piano. This was something that I had read in a very obscure book called The Mad Monarch, about King Ludwig II of Bavaria. In the book, the part about Princess Alexandria (whose name I purposely misspelled because I thought it sounded better when it was sung) was just one line of text -- almost an afterthought -- and it wasn't elaborated on at all. But still, it really struck me on a lot of different levels, and, in an indirect way, it inspired the entire song. Fast-forward two decades later, and the planets are now aligned to bring this picturesque and enigmatic detail back to me in the form of sage advice. I'm not saying that the universe revolves around me or anything, but I do think it's odd that of all 12 horrorscopes, this arcane fact was chosen to be put into mine. I mean, really... what are the chances?

"U.S. Confederate General Richard S. Ewell (1817-1872) sometimes experienced episodes in which he truly thought he was a bird. Princess Alexandria of Bavaria (1826-1875) believed that when she was young, she had eaten a glass piano. Then there was the Prussian military officer Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher (1742-1819), who imagined he was pregnant with an elephant. Sad and funny and crazy, right? And yet it's my understanding that all of us have fixed delusions. They are less bizarre than those I cited, but they can still be debilitating. What are yours, Taurus? Do you secretly believe that a certain turning point in your past scarred you forever? Are you incorrectly wracked with anger or guilt because of some event that may not have actually happened the way you remember it? Here's the good news: Now is an excellent time to shed your fixed delusions."

Free Will Astrology

And now... off to ponder this business about fixed delusions...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Space Aliens

They say that everything on Earth is made of stardust. Here's proof:

Sea Angels: