Thursday, July 21, 2016


"I love all the colors in the world."
"I love all the persons in the world."
"I am unusual. I am not like other people on earth. I know everything."
These are three (unrelated) things that my 4-year old nephew has said over the past six months or so. Even taken out of context, they are good examples of his open, loving, optimistic, and a little bit otherworldly nature. He has always reminded me of a cloud or a balloon. He is SO free and happy almost all of the time -- he shines with joy, and shakes off troubles.
When I was in the hospital after my accident, he also had to have surgery on his hand. Still, he came by to visit me, and made sure to cheer me up. He took my bandaged hand in his, and gleefully shouted: "Surgery Power!"

Yup, he drops wisdom like that all the time.