Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Mind If I Do...

My New Year's celebration: Sharing honey liqueur with a friend made of seashells.


Saturday, December 20, 2014


While traveling from one place to another, we stopped off in Chicago to see the David Bowie exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was so amazing. Handwritten lyrics and notations, paintings, storyboards and visual sketches, old concert posters, rare audio and video footage, lots of obscure photos and information, and of course a complete collection of fashionable stage attire. I was especially happy to see the aqua blue suit from the Life on Mars? video, and the silver "Pierrot" costume from the Ashes to Ashes video. At the end of the visit, I bought a very dramatic lightning pin and a few guitar picks in the museum store. I was impressed to find that they go perfectly with my sweater and scarf. We stayed one night at the Congress Plaza Hotel by Grant Park. I later discovered that it is said to be haunted. No wonder I had weird dreams that I can no longer remember at all.

Also, on a recent week-long road trip through northern California, we were lucky enough to encounter this beautiful double rainbow. It was much brighter in real life. Despite my best efforts to photograph it, it didn't show up very well in the pictures at all, which I guess is appropriate for something so rare and elusive. It was pretty overwhelming. What does it mean?