Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Stand up. Corporations and the PEOPLE hiding behind them cannot be allowed to create inhumane conditions on Earth anymore. Especially in America, their insane grip ranges from fuel to food to housing to healthcare to human rights... The list of their crimes is endless, both past and present.

For the rest of the time that our sun lights up this jewel of a planet, we need to focus our efforts on sustainable technologies like solar and wind. Yes, we may still need to use up what we have already taken, but there is no reason at all for anyone to build NEW pipelines, or design NEW gas-guzzling vehicles, or drill in NEW places for MORE oil. All of those technologies are already obsolete. Just stop it.

Winona Laduke says it better than I ever could.

So enjoy this day with family and/or friends. Think about what you're thankful for (I know I have a lot to think about and a lot to be thankful for). And think also about what you don't need, and what you shouldn't take, and what you shouldn't allow yourself the luxury of having.

We can't fix everything all at once, and each person can only do so much, but choose a battle that matters to you, and fight it. If everyone does something that is rooted in selfless compassion, maybe our species will deserve to survive for a little bit longer.